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Fulham Resident Article

"ONE of Sammy Dent's paintings is captioned:

"It's never too late" / media "Everything!'

"Everything" is a good description of Sammy's work; she uses everything and she gives everything and more. In 1995 I had the good fortune to meet/teach Sammy. It is always a delight when a student shines out with a natural obsessive feel for the stuff of paint.

---Edward Kelly, 2012.
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" has called Ms. Dent's work "energetic, bold and big." She uses contrasting mediums - vibrantly colored dry pigment, fast drying acrylic paints and high gloss varnish - which give her images visual depth and texture."
Port Washington News - January 9, 2003

"Whether their titles explain or obscure their meanings, Ms. Dent's paintings can be enjoyed without the benefit of such intimations. Their appeal lies in their gestural verve and the artist's love of chromatic interplay, resulting in imagery that alludes to nature whilst selcom picturing it."
The New York Times - January 19, 2003
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"When I imagine and artist's studio, I imagine something not too dissimilar to Sammy Dent's. Tubs and tubes of acrylic, gloss varnish and chubby oil bars strewn across every surface, vibrant plant splatters that cover the walls to the floor in rainbow-hued polka dots: the room itself is like a giant painting pallette."
Fulham Resident

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