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bision statues and flowers      
Nobis Nobis Nobis Nobis
The work which I'm doing at the moment is concerned with, not only the varying themes, but with the fabrics on which I've chosen to work, such as: found sackcloth, dropcloth, flimsy, marked and printed wood panels, used for packaging, and used canvas cuttings from my studio floor stitched together. The patina in these fabrics serves as a reminder of the time it has taken them to aquire such qualities, making time a sort of subject matter in it's own right.

The images I'm painting have come about by my acting upon an impulse for the thing that has inspired me, whether it's the colour and feel of an old pair of leather jeans, an ancient chelsea pensioner crossing the road, (a reminder of the passing of time).
A statue, representing the dead, or celebrating life. Or the works of other artists with whom I can identify. The immediacy of acting upon a feeling doesn't allow enough time to question the reason for the painting, ... that comes after.

Although the things that are inspiring me to paint are becoming more impulsive, the thread holding them all together remains constant, and that is my appreciation of colour.
King Queen
NOAC 2012
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